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Gardening Supplies

The container store will be open to allotment holders for supplies until September on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, from 11.00am to 12.00noon. Please support your Association.


How to deal with gluts – freezing

Broad beans freeze really well. Choose young, tender, freshly picked broad beans and shell them. Blanche in boiling water for 2 minutes, then put them in cold water with ice cubes in it for 2 minutes and stir to cool them down very quickly. (Blanching makes sure they keep their flavour, colour and texture – from experience I would say broad beans are inedible if you try freezing broad beans without blanching).

Freeze in portion-sized bags, or open freeze them on a tray then break up and put them in a big bag – they will be “pourable” if you do this.

Peas - as for broad beans but they only need blanching for 1 minute.

Article courtesy of Maggie


Jacqui's Memorial

Jacqui_memorial On Wednesday 20th January 2016 a special native Apple tree of Lincolnshire (Ellison Orange) variety was planted in memory of Jacqui, ex-Chairman of the Association. David, seen here, and his sister Penny were in attendance. Jacqui was an advocator of the community input for the benefit of many and a much respected member. In a message to the Association David asked "Can you convey my heartfelt thanks to the Committee for their thoughts and actions on behalf of Jacqui".


Love for Lily Foundation

LfL photo On Friday 27th November 2015 a series of events hosted by the Ivanhoe Social Club over the previous few months culminated in a Charity Ball and Auction at the Royal Hotel, Asbhy de la Zouch, all in aid of The Love for Lily Foundation.

To date an amazing £6890.90 has been handed to the Charity. A big 'Thanks' to ALL members of Ashby Allotments Association who donated produce for sale as contributions toward this sum.


Ashby Bowls Club Challenge Night

Ashby Bowls Club hosted an excellent evening again with pre-ordered weather. Come along in 2016 and enjoy the fun and the great hospitality.


Less-able Plot

Update following the Official Opening on the 22nd August 2015 :

The day was fantastic with glorious weather. 100 attended the Official Opening and was well attended by our sponsors. Opening_4.jpg The facility was officially opened by John Coxon, the Leader of Ashby de la Zouch Town Council, seen here with the Associaion Chairman, Andrew Rollason.

An excellent barbeque was provided with shared food from the plot holders followed by an ambient, relaxed, enjoyable afternoon for all.

For a full report of the Official Opening and the full list of sponsors see HERE


Thanks to the hard work of several members over the last few weeks, the Less-abled plot area is completed.


Funding for this Project has been possible through generous donations from:

  • Ashby and Coalville Lions
  • Ashby Town Council
  • Leicester & Rutland Masonic Association
  • Lottery Fund Grant
  • Rotary Club of Ashby
  • Rotary Club of Ashby Castle
  • Rotary Club of Ashby Hastings


The Association has a rolling 5 year programme so the requirements for continuing financial support will be very welcome, thus helping us to drive for increased community integration.

More details to follow.


Ashby Open Gardens Weekend Sat 4th & Sun 5th July 2015

AOG Allotments Entrance

 We again participated successfully in the Ashby Open  Gardens Weekend. Thanks for all your support on both  days as follows:

  •  - Plant and Produce donations
  •  - Help on the plant stall
  •  - Volunteers to help prepare the setup of the site    prior to opening
  •  - Volunteers to meet and greet visitors
  •  - Volunteers to guide visitors around the site

 If you volunteered over the weekend, your efforts were  much appreciated.

AOG plant stall


 A plant stall was held on both days with vegetables &  flowers sold for charity.


 Saturday was quiet until 2pm when the first visitors  arrived. Then there was a good, steady flow of people.  There was much more activity on Sunday. Visitors  arrived from quite early on and everything worked out  well on both days. Mick and Rosemary brought along  some photos they had taken showing the start of their  allotment project and  the progress they had made,  which people enjoyed looking at.


AOG flowers


 A display of flowers at the visitors entrance.


 The late Sunday arrivals at the plot all commented on  what a lovely day they had had at the other gardens and  all of the Helpers doing the rota enjoyed each other’s  company and the sunshine. John returned from holiday  to find he had no ripe strawberries. His daughter, Susan,  had picked about 8 boxes yesterday and given them to  sell on the stall!



The plant stall made a total of £105.20 for both days, which, after expenses, was donated to charity.

For more information on Ashby Open Gardens weekend see www.ashbyopengardens,co.uk or on Facebook or Twitter.


Friends of the Bath Grounds

Friends of the Bath Grounds raised £1080.00 from the plant sale on Saturday 23rd May 2015. Well done to everyone who attended or helped or contributed.


Police Assistance over Vandalism & Arson

Our site has been the subject of sustained costly damage and arson recently. We are, in conjunction with a number of partners looking at short, medium and long term plans to stop this disruption. If anyone has information that they think may be helpful we would urge them to get in touch with the police directly or with the Town Clerk.




Rule 5.2 [The tenant of an allotment garden....] Shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment garden, or obstruct any path set out by the Council for the use of the occupiers of the allotment gardens.

  • Bonfires :
  • - Must only be dry material burnt
  • - Must not be lit on windy days
  • - Must be supervised and have buckets of water available
  • - Must be extinguished prior to leaving the plot
  • Consequences of not complying:
  • - Loss of your plot
  • - Loss of the privilege for anybody to light a bonfire.


Please also remember that all paths and Tractor paths adjacent to your plot must be kept clear or cleared of debris in accordance with our AAA rules helping to maintain a safe environment.


General News

Car Parking: We will be putting some markings down in the car park to make maximum use of our space. If parking on the road, please park with consideration of all Residents access and the exit.

Plot Inspections: We are well into the growing/planting season. Plot inspections have started and you are all reminded of our policy on allotments : ‘USE IT or LOSE IT’


The Ashby Allotments Association Web-site

We are pleased to present the new web-site for all Members. If you have not already done so, please spend a few moments on a quick tour. Each link in this article opens a new page so you won't lose this one.

Being brand-new, the site is constantly being updated and added to, so please bear with us during this phase. Keep returning on a regular basis to see the new features, which will be described here.

So we have the Home Page HERE with links to the rest of the site. Notice the links to
*NEW* What to do this Month HERE,
For Sale & Wanted Items HERE,
Potatoes for 2014 HERE,
Variety Suggestions HERE,
Members Supplies List HERE and
the Allotment Plan HERE.

We also have this News Page where articles of interest will appear on a regular basis.

Then we have the Diary Page HERE where dates and details of Events appear. Check this regularly as new events will be added. A feature of the Diary Page is the 'What to do this Month' feature HERE, where a link is available giving tips and advice on what needs doing in the Month ahead.

The About Page HERE will describe the Association in detail and includes links to the Association's Rules Page HERE and the List of the Association's Officers HERE.

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