Ashby Allotments Association Supplies for Members

Stock available at January 2014 - For Prices contact Andrew Rollason - Email:

NOTE : 'BULK SPLIT' ITEMS CAN BE SOLD IN SMALLER QUANTITIES. Where smaller quantities are shown, these are available now.

Gro-Well Multipurpose 60ltr
Clover Professional Seed & Modular 80ltr
Clover Pro Pot & Bedding 75ltr
Clover Pro Potting 80ltr
Clover Pro Potting Basket & Tub 80ltr
Clover Ercaceous 40ltr
Humax Potting Basket & Tub 75ltr
Levington M2 Potting 75ltr
Levington F2 Seed & Modular 75ltr
Levington M3 High Nutrient Potting 75ltr
Gro-well Commercial 4-plant Grow Bag 40ltr
Clover Irish Moss Peat Bales 100ltr
Vermiculite 100ltr
Compost Activator 25kg
Garden Lime 20kg
Epsom Salts 25kg bulk split
Single Superphosphate (0-18-0) 25Kg bulk split
Garden Lime 20kg
Growmore (7-7-7) 25kg
Garden Lime 20kg
Fish Blood & Bone (5-5-6) 25kg
Sulphate of Ammonia (21-0-0) 5kg 25kg bulk split
Sulphate of Iron (21%FE) 25kg bulk split
Sulphate of Potash (0-0-50) 2.5kg 25kg bulk split
Sterilised Bonemeal (3.5-18.5-0) 25kg bulk split
Rose Fertilser (5-5-10) 25kg bulk split
Potato Fertiliser (6-10-10) 5kg 25kg bulk split
Hoof and Horn (13-0-0) 25kg bulk split
Maxicrop Liquid Fertiliser 1ltr
Phostrogen General plant feeding 1.6kg
Phostrogen General plant feeding 2.4kg
Miracle-Gro General plant feeding 2kg
Osmocote Controlled Release 750g
Levington Tomorite 1ltr
Levington Tomorite 2.5ltr
Vitax Bordeaux Mixture 175g
Armillatox 5ltr
Jeyes Fluid 5Ltr
Doff Advanced Slug Killer Pellets 1kg Bulk split
Bayer Greenhouse Fly Catcher 7 panels
Bayer Boltac Grease Bands
Roundup Pro Biactive 500 ml 15ml/ltr sprayed. Equivalent to Syngenta
Pots, Containers, Trays, Etc. various
Coolglass 4 sachet
Bamboo Canes 8ft Prices quantity dependent
Bamboo Canes 6ft Prices quantity dependent
Bamboo Canes 5ft Prices quantity dependent
Wondermesh (Second-hand) 13m x 5m

(N-P-K) shows the chemical balance of the three main plant foods - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

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